Testimonial from Bonnie

I'd recommend Mel aka “FitbodyMel” as a trainer, because he is thorough, encouraging, flexible in scheduling, and very positive. Personal training sessions with him have been a very worthwhile investment." In the beginning, I was thinking this is the calm before the storm, but not at all. We started to meet for weekly workouts. I will be 100% honest. I actually looked forward to these workouts, he made them as quick and painless as he could while still giving me a great workout. The thing that was amazing was it felt more like visiting a friend/bestie than working out. We would laugh, talk, and I’d wake up the next morning with sore biceps and legs from planks and lunges not even remembering going through a 60 minutes or more workout. That’s what I am talking about! A workout that is so fun, it feels like 30 minutes instead of 60-90. Still have work left to do but I'm in it to win it!!! 1st pic May 2019, 2nd pic end of Feb 2019.